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How to Avoid Resin Leaks in Your 3D Printer

Resin leaks can be one of the most damaging things that can happen to your 3D printer. They can cause serious damage to the LCD screen, as well as other components such as wiring and connectors. And while it’s virtually impossible to avoid all resin leaks, there are several steps you can take in order to reduce the risk of them occurring.

The first step is to get install a Mach5ive Screen Saver (screen protector). This will protect your screen from damage due to a resin leak. It will also protect against minor scratches and damage that can occur from a dropping a build plate, resin vat, a print, or screws on to your screen.

The second step is making sure your machine is well maintained. This means ensuring that all parts and components, including the resin vat, FEP film, screen protector, and other pieces are in good working order. Any worn or damaged parts should be replaced immediately.

The third step is to make sure you properly filter your resin between prints. This will help to reduce the amount of particles that can get trapped in the vat, which can lead to a resin leak. Loose particles, left over from a previous print, can get caught between the FEP film and build plate, puncturing the FEP film and causing a leak.

Finally, it's important to check for any potential leaks between prints. Remove the resin vat from your printer and inspect the bottom edges around the perimeter for any signs of a leak. Also check the FEP film for damage and, if necessary, replace it. Clean your screen often and replace your Mach5ive Screen Saver, if needed, with a new one. 

By following these simple steps you can help to minimize the chances of experiencing any kind of leakage issues on your 3D printer. Taking the time to properly maintain and prepare your machine will go a long way in making sure that it continues to operate optimally and without issue for many years to come!

Happy Printing!