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About Mach5ive

Mach5ive LLC, located in San Diego, CA., manufactures popular resin 3D printing products. It was named after the iconic race car in the Speed Racer anime from the late 1960's. Like the large red M on the hood of the Mach 5 race car, our Mach5ive brand represents our family business.

Mach5ive was born in 2018 after its founder, Chris Lannon, introduced our first product on Amazon-- the Mach5ive Screen Gasket. Originally developed as a promotional product, it became a popular accessory in the resin 3D printing category and it was the seed that grew our company, allowing us to develop other helpful products, including our blackout covers and screen protectors.

Stellar customer service and satisfaction are our number one priority. We believe in resolving a customer's issues promptly and conveniently, with strong knowledge and personal interaction. We want you to have a pleasant, positive experience and we welcome your suggestions for improvement and/or new product ideas for development.