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Mach5ive Screen Saver - Clear Screen Protector for Sonic Mighty 8K Resin 3D Printer [3-Pack] - Mach5ive
Mach5ive Screen Saver - Clear Screen Protector for Creality Halot One Pro Resin 3D Printer [3-Pack] - Mach5ive
Mach5ive Screen Saver - Clear Screen Protector for Elegoo Saturn Resin 3D Printer [2-Pack] - Mach5ive
Mach5ive LCD Screen Protection Kit for Elegoo Saturn Resin 3D Printer - Mach5ive

Mach5ive Screen Saver - Clear Screen Protector for Creality Halot One Pro Resin 3D Printer [3-Pack]

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Mach5ive Screen Savers are available for several resin 3D printer models, including the Creality Halot One Pro. See the full list, along with links here.

Introducing the ultimate protection for your 3D printer, the Mach5ive Screen Protector, specifically designed for the Creality Halot One Pro! This screen protector is essential for keeping your innovative printer in perfect condition, while unlocking its full potential to create stunning and detailed models.

The Halot One Pro resin 3D printer is lauded for its excellent performance, delivering high-resolution prints consistently and efficiently, with users praising its reliability and the quality of its output.

However, accidents can occur, leading to resin spills or other damage that necessitate costly repairs. Enter the Mach5ive Screen Protector, providing indispensable protection for your Creality Halot One Pro. This screen protector safeguards both the bezel and screen of your printer, sealing the gap between the screen and printer chassis, and shielding the polarizer from scratches and damage. It also includes a microfiber cloth, screen wipes, squeegee, and installation instructions for an easy application process.

The Mach5ive Screen Protector is transparent, sturdy, and flexible, offering long-lasting protection for your printer's LCD screen, FEP film, and internal components. With this screen protector, you won't have to worry about cleaning your printer after each print, granting you complete peace of mind.

Featuring a top layer PET hard-coating, the Screen Protector effectively guards against any damage from a dropped build plate or potential accidents. Its protective layers on the top and bottom prevent scratches during shipping to ensure your screen protector arrives in impeccable condition.

In summary, to maximize your 3D resin builds and protect your Creality Halot One Pro, the Mach5ive Screen Protector is your ideal solution. It delivers high-quality, durable protection, allowing you to print without concerns or interruptions. Don't wait - equip your Creality Halot One Pro with the Mach5ive Screen Protector today and experience hassle-free printing!

Video Installation: 

If you can't find a protector for your specific resin 3D printer, please contact us using this form and we can work together to develop one.

More About the Halot One Pro

The Halot One Pro resin 3D printer is an advanced and versatile 3D printing solution designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Featuring a 7-inch 3K LCD display with an impressive XY axis resolution of 2560x2400, the printer's build volume measures at 130x122x160mm, allowing for a 36% increased capacity compared to the 6-inch LCD counterpart. This enables users to create larger, more detailed models or print multiple smaller objects simultaneously.

Driven by the Creality HALOT-ONE PRO self-developed integral light source, the Halot One Pro ensures uniform lighting and high-precision prints through the use of reflective principles. With 6000uw/cm² intensity and evenly distributed light emission across five lights, the device achieves a remarkable 90% light evenness.

Furthermore, the Halot One Pro's Z-axis boasts dual linear rails and a T-shape screw rod, facilitating stable and accurate movement during printing, virtually eliminating layer deviation and texturing issues.

Enhanced by a powerful 64-bit quad-core CPU/GPU and ARM Cortex-M4 Processor, the printer's advanced mainboard and AI algorithms provide efficient data and image processing capabilities, ensuring seamless prints with even the most complex models.

The user experience is enriched with a 5-inch large touch screen, featuring a brand new UI interface and clear model previews via the Creality Cloud App. The printer also offers the convenience of one-click slicing and printing, matched with 14-language support to accommodate a global audience.

Lastly, the Halot One Pro includes an air filtration system with activated carbon that helps reduce resin odor, along with an efficient 3-step leveling process to ensure accurate calibration and improved printing success rates.