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Mach5ive Screen Saver - Clear Screen Protector for Anycubic M3 Premium Resin 3D Printer [3-Pack] - Mach5ive
Mach5ive Screen Saver - Clear Screen Protector for Anycubic Photon Mono M5 & M5s Resin 3D Printers [3-Pack] - Mach5ive
Mach5ive Screen Saver - Clear Screen Protector for Elegoo Saturn Resin 3D Printer [2-Pack] - Mach5ive
Mach5ive LCD Screen Protection Kit for Elegoo Saturn Resin 3D Printer - Mach5ive

Mach5ive Screen Saver - Clear Screen Protector for Anycubic Photon Mono M5 & M5s Resin 3D Printers [3-Pack]

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Mach5ive Screen Savers are available for several resin 3D printer models, including the Anycubic Photon Mono M5 & M5s. See the full list, along with links here.

Preserve the integrity of your Anycubic Photon Mono M5 & M5s Resin 3D Printers with the sophisticated Mach5ive Screen Saver (screen protector). These extraordinary 3D printers showcase exceptional precision, rapid printing, and expansive printing size, undeniably calling for defense against unintended mishaps and resin leftovers.

The Mach5ive Screen Protector is a significant enhancement from previous screen protection solutions, supplying steadfast protection against FEP leaks, spills of resin, and potential damage by falling build plates. This protector provides a comprehensive cover for the bezel and screen of your printer, thus filling in any gap between the screen and the printer frame to offer end-to-end protective measures.

It also secures the polarizer, which is known to be naturally susceptible to scratches and damages. The Screen Protector ensures a light transmittance rate of over 93%, meaning you might need to modify your exposure times accordingly. This Screen Saver offers you the convenience to concentrate on your prints, freeing you from the hassle of cleaning your printer after each usage.

Escape the cost of heavy repairs and benefit from top-tier, sturdy protection with the Mach5ive Screen Saver, characterized by its flexibility, resistance to tears and abrasion, and lasting durability. The kit comprises a microfiber cloth, screen wipes, a squeegee, and a guide to installation.

The Mach5ive Screen Protector introduces protective layers on both the top and bottom to avoid scratches during transit, and a superior layer of PET hard-coating to protect against potential damage like a dropped build plate. Lay to rest any worries, knowing your LCD screen, FEP film, and the internal components of your printer are effectively safeguarded from resin leaks.

Video Installation: 

If you can't find a protector for your specific resin 3D printer, please contact us using this form and we can work together to develop one.

More About the Anycubic Photon Mono M5s

The Anycubic Photon Mono M5s stands out as a superior resin 3D printer, featuring an impressive 10.1 inch 12K monochrome LCD screen offering a resolution of 11520*5120. This produces an exactness of 19 microns, enabling it to print with notable precision, down to the fineness of a human hair. The machine's extraordinary contrast ratio of 480:1 ensures that models come out with sharp edges and well-defined contours, emphasizing the minute details.

This device comes with pioneering leveling-free technology, increasing the printing success rate by detecting the alignment between the printing platform and the floating leveling module, making automatic adjustments. Printing speed is enhanced threefold with the use of high-speed resin, reaching an average printing speed of 105mm/h*. Major efficiency is delivered through automatic device checks and resin detection before printing, report and analysis of bottoming-out printing failures, ensuring smooth operation. The updated Anycubic Photon Workshop 3.1, featuring a new "Intelligent Mode", improves the stability and success rate of printing while providing one-click repair functionality for damaged models.