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Mach5ive LCD Gasket Installation Instructions

Hello and thank you for your purchase! Please follow these important steps when installing:

  1. Clean the recipient surfaces of printer and LCD with isopropyl alcohol or glass cleaner.

  2. It is easiest to apply the gasket with vinyl application tape. This can be obtained on Amazon or a craft store. When applying, make sure that the opening of the gasket does not obstruct the display portion of the LCD screen. This is the portion of the screen that lights up and the gasket is designed to be clear of this area, which appears as a different shade of black on the screen when it’s not turned on.

  3. Smooth out all bubbles or wrinkles completely with a squeegee or your finger.

  4. Re-level the build plate, per manufacturers instructions (without using paper for gapping).

  5. Send email to report issues or give suggestions.