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Phrozen Unveils New Sonic Mega 8K S 3D Printer

Phrozen, a leading manufacturer of LCD 3D printers, has announced the launch of its latest model, the Sonic Mega 8K S. This new 3D printer builds upon the success of the original Mega 8K with some key upgrades.

Phrozon Sonic Mega 8K S Resin 3D Printer


The most noticeable change is the design - gone are the large metal doors, replaced with a sleek flip-top plastic lid. According to Phrozen, this helps reduce the weight by 5kg while maintaining the strong metal frame and dual linear rails.

Under the hood, the Sonic Mega 8K S still utilizes Phrozen's 43 micron XY resolution for ultra-high detail prints. However, print speeds have been significantly improved, with the company claiming up to 600 layers per hour. This speed boost is thanks to the new anti-aliasing film and compatibility with low viscosity resins.

While the build volume remains an impressive 33 x 18.5 x 30 cm, the maximum print height has been reduced by 10cm compared to the original. The touch screen is also smaller at 3.5 inches, and WiFi connectivity has been removed.



To assist with resin refilling and emptying, the 8K S features an integrated pump system. This add-on can help streamline workflow when producing high volumes of prints.

The biggest upgrade comes in the price department - the Sonic Mega 8K S rings in at $1499.99, a full $800 less than the Mega 8K. To further incentivize pre-orders, Phrozen is offering free shipping and 2 bottles of resin until August 16th.

With its combination of large build volume, UHD print resolution, and improved speeds, the Sonic Mega 8K S aims to bring affordable high-volume production capabilities to prosumers and small businesses. The pre-order discount makes this an attractive option for anyone needing a workhorse 3D printer.

Pre-order here.