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New Product: Mach5ive Clear Screen Protectors for Resin 3D Printers

We've just released our newly updated Screen Savers that will protect your printer screen from resin leak damage. Available to order now!

This product is an improvement over our previous Mach5ive screen protection kits! Most resin 3D printers do not have screen protection to protect you from a FEP leak, resin spills or damage from a dropped build plate. You can protect your screen by securing the Mach5ive Screen Saver over the screen and chassis of your printer. This will help to protect your printer screen and internals from resin spills. The newly updated ScreenSaver features:

  • Protective film layers on top and bottom to prevent scratches during shipping.
  • Top layer PET hard-coating to help prevent damage from a dropped build plate or other potential damage.
  • Optical PET layer.
  • Silicon adhesive layer for easy application.
  • Total thickness after install: 0.13mm – less than an extra sheet of FEP!

Our Screen Savers are available for several resin 3D printer models. See the full list, along with links here.