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Getting Your Resin Printer Printing Again When It Stops

Having issues with your resin printer not printing? Don't worry - with some troubleshooting, you can get your printer working again. This guide will walk you through the top reasons a resin printer stops printing mid-job and how to fix them.

Why Is My Resin Printer Not Printing?

There are several potential causes when a resin 3D printer suddenly stops printing:

Resin Viscosity Problems

Resin printers require the photopolymer resin to be within a specific viscosity range to print properly. If temperatures are too cold, the resin can become too thick and viscous for the printer to process. Try raising the ambient temperature around the printer or directly heating the resin vat.

Connectivity Issues

For resin printers that connect via USB, WiFi, or Ethernet, connectivity problems can interrupt the print. Check your cables, network connections, and try printing from local SD card if possible.

Mechanical Failures

Issues with the z-axis, build plate, or resin vat elevator can prevent proper printing. Inspect for mechanical problems and replace any worn components like belts or rails.

Resin Runout

If the resin vat runs out mid-print, the runout sensor should pause the job. If the sensor is not working properly, the print will fail. Refill the vat and test the runout sensor.

LCD Screen Failure

The LCD screen controls resin curing during printing. If it fails, stops responding, or loses connectivity, printing will fail. Try resetting the printer and check for screen damage.

Firmware Crashes

Buggy firmware can sometimes cause the printer interface and controls to freeze up. Reboot the printer and upgrade the firmware if needed.

File Corruption

During slicing or transfer, print files can become corrupted and unusable by the printer. Try re-slicing the model and transferring the file again.

Resin Expiration

Over time, resin can expire and lose printability. Check resin age and replace if it is past expiration.

Fixing Your Resin Printer When It Won't Print

Once you've diagnosed the likely cause, here are some steps to get your printer operational again:

  • If a mechanical issue, inspect and replace any worn or damaged components.
  • For connectivity issues, check cables and connections, retry file transfer.
  • If a firmware crash, reboot printer and upgrade firmware.
  • If resin expired or incorrect viscosity, replace resin or adjust temperature.
  • In case of screen failure, reset LCD screen and test or replace.
  • For file issues, re-slice model and transfer file again.

Following this resin printer troubleshooting guide will help you resolve most common issues when your printer suddenly stops printing. Pay attention to error codes or messages and always refer to your printer's documentation as well. With some diligent debugging, you'll be back to printing in no time.