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Protect your Resin 3D Printer By Using a Resin 3D Printer Blackout Cover

Resin 3D printers like the Elegoo Saturn and Anycubic Mono X offer unparalleled detail and smooth prints, but they require careful handling and storage. Resin is sensitive to light and temperature changes, so any exposure can ruin your print quality or damage the resin tank. That's why having a custom-fit dust cover is essential for any resin printer owner.

Mach5ive's Elite Blackout Cover is made specifically for popular printer models like the Saturn, Mono X, and more. It completely blocks out light and contains fumes to protect your printer, resin, and workspace.

Made With Quality Materials



The Mach5ive cover is made from durable PVC laminated polyester that resists water, tears, and abrasions. It's flexible enough to easily put on and take off your printer. The cover also acts as a thermal insulator to retain heat in cold environments.

User-Friendly Design

This cover slips on and off effortlessly thanks to the 4" flaps on all sides. You'll have no problem accessing printer controls, ports, and buttons. The blackout material blocks UV rays to prevent resin curing and contains fumes.

Leave Resin in the Tank

One of the biggest benefits of using this cover is that you can leave resin in the tank for extended periods without it curing and ruining your printer. The complete UV blockage lets you pause prints and pick up later without having to fully clean and reset your printer.

Protect Your Investment

Uncovered resin printers are vulnerable to dust, dirt, and accidental damage. A simple slip of a cover keeps your printer safe from potential repairs and replacements. You can also leave prints unfinished until you have time to properly clean up.

Experience Hassle-Free Printing

With the Mach5ive cover, resin printing is quicker and easier. Protect your printer from shop conditions and gain the freedom to print on your own time. Never worry about printer damage or clogged resin again.

Get the Mach5ive Elite Blackout Cover today and start protecting your resin printer. Order now here by clicking here.