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Achieving Flawless Resin 3D Prints: How to Fill Gaps with Mach5ive ResinFILL

Resin 3D printing opens up incredible possibilities for hobbyists and professionals alike. The high precision and smooth finish of resin prints allow for stunning final products that capture even the finest details of your designs. However, resin printing does come with its own unique challenges. One of the most common issues resin printers face are small gaps or holes in the finished print. These imperfections can detract from an otherwise flawless print. Fortunately, there is an easy solution - Mach5ive ResinFILL gap filler. In this article, we’ll explore the causes of gaps in resin prints, explain how Mach5ive ResinFILL can help, and guide you through the simple process of achieving smooth, gap-free resin prints each and every time.

What Causes Gaps in Resin Prints?

Several factors can lead to gaps, divots or holes forming in your final resin prints:

  • Failed Supports: Support structures that fail to adhere properly or detach mid-print will leave marks and gaps behind. Supports that are too thin or weakly connected to the model are prone to this issue.
  • Overexposure: Setting the exposure time too high for your resin can lead to overcuring. This causes the resin to pull away from supports as it cures, creating holes and uneven surfaces.
  • Underexposure: Not enough exposure time can result in weak, partially cured resin that detaches easily from supports and leaves gaps.
  • Resin Viscosity: Low viscosity resins are more prone to dripping, sagging and separating from supports as they cure, leading to gaps.
  • Model Orientation: Printing vertically with thin unsupported spans can cause resin to droop or detach as it cures due to gravity.
  • Ambient Temperature: Colder temperatures make resin more viscous, resulting in weaker supports and increased gaps. Warmer temps make resin runnier and prone to sagging.

While dialing in the perfect print settings helps avoid these issues, gaps still occur even in optimized prints. This is where gap fillers like Mach5ive ResinFILL come in handy for salvaging prints.

Introducing Mach5ive ResinFILL

Mach5ive ResinFILL is an innovative gap filling product created specifically for smoothing and perfecting resin 3D printed parts. It consists of an ultra fine powder that you mix into your chosen resin to create a gap filler with the ideal viscosity and curing properties for any print.

With the right consistency and curing characteristics, Mach5ive ResinFILL allows you to easily fill holes, divots, layer lines, and any other imperfections in a print to achieve a smooth, professional finish. After a quick sanding, filled areas become indistinguishable from the rest of the print.

Mach5ive ResinFILL comes with all the tools and accessories you need to mix, apply and cure the filler right out of the box. The product includes:

  • 4 ounce jar of Mach5ive ResinFILL ultrafine filler powder
  • UV curing flashlight for quick solidification
  • Mixing cups and stick for proper consistency
  • Syringes for precise application
  • A scoop and UV eye protection

With this setup, filling gaps in resin prints is a breeze. The simple process involves just a few steps:

Using Mach5ive ResinFILL to Fill Gaps

Filling gaps with ResinFILL is easy and straightforward. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Mix the Filler

The first step is mixing the ResinFILL powder into your chosen resin. The filler can be mixed with any standard resin formulas for perfect compatibility with your prints.

Start by measuring out a small amount of resin in a mixing cup - around 2 ounces is a good starting point. Use the included scoop to gradually add ResinFILL powder, stirring thoroughly between additions.

For small gaps and layer lines, a ratio of 1 part filler to 5 parts resin is recommended. For larger gaps up to 2-3mm, use a 1:3 ratio. And for big voids and joining parts, a 1:2 ratio works best. Add powder until the desired consistency is reached.

The mixture should have a smooth, creamy consistency that slowly settles when left to sit. Some small lumps may persist after mixing but will not affect performance.

Step 2: Prepare the Print

Once your gap filler is mixed, get your print ready by sanding any areas to be filled. This helps the filler adhere and provides a smooth finish. Wipe the print with isopropyl alcohol to remove any oils or resin residue.

Plan where the filler will be applied and insert supports if needed. Prop up large overhangs and outline deep gaps with masking tape to hold the filler in place while curing.

Step 3: Apply the Filler

Now you’re ready to apply the gap filling mixture. Transfer it to the included syringes for precise control. Slowly fill in all gaps, layer lines and imperfections with the filler.

Take care to minimize air bubbles by filling slowly from one end. Overfill gaps slightly to account for settling. Additional applications may be needed for deep gaps to build up material.

Once all areas are filled, use a UV light to briefly cure the surface - this prevents sagging and helps maintain shape. Allow 10-30 seconds of curing time.

Step 4: Cure the Filler

With the filler applied and surface cured, it’s time for a full light cure to harden the material. Use the powerful included UV flashlight to cure the filler from all angles, rotating the print to ensure even exposure.

Cure times will vary based on filler ratio and depth, but 2-5 minutes per area is typical. The filler will become slightly warm and the color will intensify when fully cured.

Step 5: Finish the Print

After curing, remove any supports and masking tape. Lightly sand the filled areas to smooth and blend with the surrounding print surface. Start with 150 grit sandpaper and work up to 600+ grit for a polished finish.

That’s it - your print is now ready for priming, painting or any other finishing steps! The gaps will be smoothly filled for a flawless final print.

Achieve Professional Quality Prints with Mach5ive ResinFILL

Resin printing produces stunningly detailed prints, but small gaps can detract from your designs. With Mach5ive ResinFILL gap filler, you can easily fill any imperfections for smooth, professional prints every time.

ResinFILL’s custom formulated powder blends seamlessly with your chosen resin and cures into a durable filler that’s ready to smooth and paint. The pre-measured jars, mixing tools, and syringe applicators let you get filling right away. No more scrapped prints due to minor flaws!

Give your prints the quality they deserve and avoid disappointing failed prints. Order Mach5ive ResinFILL gap filler today and take your resin printing to the next level!