Make3D TV

  • 3D Printing Porcelain in Resin-- WHAT?!?!?

    I’m impressed with the results that I got from this EPAX porcelain-like resin and I highly recommend it.
  • Meshmix Your Head!

    A Meshmixer tutorial on combining 3D objects in Autodesk's Meshmixer.
  • Do-It-Yourself Resin 3D Printing Tools

    Here, I show you a few DIY resin printing tools that will help make you successful in your resin 3D printing adventures: Let's make 3D! ...
  • My Resin 3D Printing Setup

    Resin 3D printing post-print setup and workflow.
  • Water Curing: It's the Best Way to Cure Your Resin 3D Prints

    Information about post-curing 3D resin prints in water.
  • Auto Supports That Work

    Generate auto-supports in Prusa software and export to Chitubox for slicing and printing.